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Support Ukrainian BPOC

War is always a humanitarian disaster. Innocents are unfortunately forced to leave their Country and everything they have built. We are shocked to see in such a situation of very violent acts of racism that our African brothers and sisters and people of color PoC suffer They are prevented from boarding Trains and Buses because of the color of their skin. They are prevented from crossing the borders of neighboring countries. They hold the cold for days. They are hungry They are sick They are stressed out White refugees are welcomed and supported. What is not the case of our African brothers and sisters and PoC! That's why we Vala (Voice of Africa in Landshut), want to make donations, collectibles to support them Solidarity and Humanity must not stop to the color of the skin! We report this unbearable injustice. We are in constant contact with the groups that are on the spot and helping our African brothers and sisters and people of color. They need our financial support, material etc.. Please donate to this account: DE20 7435 0000 0004 3753 35 Sparkasse the country hat Recepteur Voice of Africa Landshut down the wall. V Objective: Ukrainehelp BPoC Donations will immediately be sent to needy We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving our brothers and sisters their human dignity and together let's fight racism. Every Life Counts! Please share as much as possible!


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